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The Young Audience Theater “SAMART” was founded on 14 December, 1930.
28 April, 1997 became an event which undoubtedly took on special significance in the cultural life of Samara. For the first time in Russia a theater with  traditional rows of chairs and a stage was modified into a modern easily transformed studio in accordance with the specific concept of a producer. The system of different specialized individual technical devices allows to change the space, flexibly plan the number of seats for spectators. The above experience has identified a new artistic approach and views towards the concealed possibilities of the scenic world which fact allows a theater and an artist to improve and develop creative ideas, build up an exclusive theatrical “product” 
of a theater-atelier.

In 1999  small auditorium was opened in SAMART. It was equipped with altering chairs and a scenic site. Since 2000 the theater foyer after modernization has been used as the third scenic site.

Thus, new performances were born on the stage of the theater-atelier. 
SAMART as an active participant of numerous festivals and other theatrical activities. In March, 2003 SAMART went to the festival in St.Petersburg with “Mother Courage” (B.Brecht) performance and received  a National Premium “Golden Mask”. The other performance “Bumbarash”(A.Gaydar) had already received this prestigious reward in 1997.

In 2000 SAMART celebrated its 70-th anniversary.  During these years the theater has become known all over Russia due to the All-Russian Festival “Golden Turnip”  which  is carried out by SAMART  every two years. The Festival is also a laboratory course for the young directors, as well as a master-class on plastic arts and acting techniques under the direction of the country famous and foreign theatrical workers.

SAMART is an active participant in the international festival movement.


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